Sunday, May 4, 2014

H&G Club visits Old Fort Niagara

Students from the History & Government Club organized a field trip to Old Fort Niagara near Youngstown, NY, on Saturday, April 26, and shared photographs from the visit:

Clockwise (L-R): Jessica Mark (kneeling), Carla Hernandez, Emily Kraft, Denny Yeh, Amy Grimes, Tyler Vanice, Amanda Murphy, Scott (tour guide), Caitlin Schuler, Aman Shamaa, and Mrs.Shamaa (parent), with Zahra Nayyeri (kneeling in front).

costumed reenactor displaying musket

Standing (L-R): Amanda Murphy, Anan Shamaa, Mrs. Shamaa (parent), costumed interpreter (a Daemen alum), Amy Grimes, Carla Hernandez, Emily Kraft, Zahra Nayyeri, Jessica Mark, and Denny Yeh. Kneeling (front left): Tyler Vanice

The group prepares to enter the fort from the French entrance

Tyler Vanice & Danny Yeh view a scale plan of the fort
Photos and information courtesy of Amy Grimes

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