Monday, June 10, 2013

Pre Law Studies at Daemen College--11th Annual Moot Court Experience

Another Successful Event: The Pre Law Student Association's 11th Annual Moot Court Experience

     The Pre Law Student Association presented its 11th Annual Moot Court Experience at the 2013 Academic Festival back in April.  For this year's competition, the students put on a criminal case (homicide by negligent handling of fire). Since 2003, over 94 different students from a variety of majors have participated in the event. 

The Defense Team (left to right): Special Thompson (Senior-Psychology), Sarah Rodman (Senior-Political Science), Samantha Spicer (Senior-Paralegal Studies), Wade Pietrocarlo (Senior-Political Science), Mark Poblocki (Freshman-Psychology), and Amy Grimes (Junior-History & Government-Adolescent Education).

The Prosecution Team (Front row/back row): Jill Spytman (Senior-English Language and Literature), Mitchell Altman-Cosgrove (Senior-Political Science), Jordan Sieracki (Sophomore-History & Government), Emily Kraft (Sophomore-History and Government-Adolescent Education), Sarah Ramsberger (Freshman-Physician's Assistant), Thomas Aldrich (Freshman-Political Science).

Presiding over the case was guest judge, Courtney Donovan, the 2012 History and Government Department Valedictorian. Courtney will be starting her second year at the University of Buffalo School of Law in the Fall and currently holds a legal internship at New Era Cap, Inc. in Buffalo. 

If you are interested in joining the Pre Law Student Association or taking part in the 2014 Moot Court Experience, please contact the History & Political Science Department's Pre Law Advisor, Dr. Lisa Parshall at

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