Sunday, January 31, 2016

History and Political Science News

News and Updates from the History and Political Science Department

Student Internships 

Keyla Marte (2016, Political Science) is currently taking part in the New York State Assembly Internship Program: a paid, academic program in which students directly participate in state government.  Keyla is working in the office of Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (D-97th District) where her primary responsibilities are dedicated to education policy issues. Keyla's senior thesis project, which she successfully defended in the Fall, evaluated the impact of charter school movement in New York State on the pubic education system. 

Watch for an upcoming guest blog post from Keyla on her Albany experience. And read more here about Keyla's experience in the Washington Internship Program. 

Ashley Cheff (2016, Political Science) has the rare opportunity and honor of interning in the offices of both of New York's United States Senators: Senator Charles Schumer (D) and Kristen Gillibrand (D). 

Watch for an upcoming guest blog post from Ashley on her internship experiences.   

Alumni News 

Congratulations to Victoria Velazquez Walker (2011, Political Science) who received her J.D. from the Charlotte School of Law in December, 2015.  While at Daemen, Victoria completed a senior thesis with a focus on policy issues concerning the war in Iraq, military policies, and the welfare of returning American troops.  Her areas of interest include corporate law, compliance and procedures.  Victoria is also involved in pro bono work related to veterans issues, poverty and social justice.  She lives in North Carolina with her family.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How can I get a job with that? Career advice for humanities majors

Feeding the History major

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured a recent story about career training for students majoring in the humanities (English, history, philosophy, languages, etc.) written by a professor who had created a course to help students majoring in English find jobs (see "Feeding the English Major for the 21st Century"), Her advice also applies to students majoring in history, or indeed in any Arts & Sciences field. While students majoring in business, education, or journalism spend a lot of time talking about how their degree can lead to a job, students majoring in humanities fields are often left on their own to figure out what to do after graduation.

The good news is that the knowledge and skills developed through studying the humanities are finally back in the spotlight. The key is understanding what you know and being able to see how your knowledge and skills as marketable and valuable, adaptable to a wide variety of potential jobs/careers. It is also essential to develop digital skills and to be creative as you think about how to apply your knowledge and skills in different contexts. Start by talking with your faculty advisor and our Career Services office. Daemen's History & Political Science Department will also be introducing courses in the Digital Humanities next year to help students develop and apply digital skills.