Monday, August 12, 2013

Faculty Research and Publication

A collection of essays on Russian and East European history, co-edited by Dr. Andrew Kier Wise (Associate Professor of History and Chair, History & Political Science Department), has just been published (see below). Dr. Wise also wrote the introduction and contributed a chapter based on original research. The volume is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Charles E. Timberlake (1935-2008), long-time Professor of History at the University of Missouri-Columbia and prominent expert in Russian and Soviet studies.

Co-editors for the volume are Dr. David M. Borgmeyer, Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for International Studies at Saint Louis University; Dr. Nicole Monnier, Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Russian at the University of Missouri-Columbia; and Prof. Byron T. Scott, Professor Emeritus at the Missouri School of Journalism and Director Emeritus, European Union Center (both at the University of Missouri-Columbia).

The volume brings together a selection of papers presented at the first three meetings of the Charles Timberlake Memorial Symposium. Co-founded by Dr. Wise in 2009, the Symposium convenes each November at the Central Slavic Conference annual meeting in St. Louis. Now in its 5th year, the Symposium also presents an award for the best graduate paper delivered each year.

Dr. Timberlake served as the undergraduate mentor for Dr. Wise and countless other students at the University of Missouri-Columbia. This collection of essays includes contributions from former students and colleagues, as well as a preface by his wife, Patricia Timberlake, who continues to provide support for the Symposium.

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