Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Architecture and the Generation Gap in Przemysl. Posted by Chelsea Sieczkarek.

The National Museum of the Land of Przemyśl (above and below) was built in 2008. It is located near the heart of the city of Przemyśl, Poland. The museum was erected in an area of town that was heavily damaged during World War II. There are mixed feelings about the location and design of this museum.

With its unique shape and neutral sandstone color, older citizens of Przemyśl feel that the modern design doesn’t fit with the style of architecture that surrounds the museum. Many citizens of Przemyśl dislike this museum because they feel that the style takes away from the history of pre-World War II Poland. Some citizens also believe that the museum darkens the town because many of the surrounding buildings are painted in bright and vibrant colors (see below).

There are some local residents who approve of the building. They feel that the location is symbolic and plays an important role in telling the story of the city’s past. Most of the citizens who approve of the building are from the younger generation and they feel that the modern design creates a nice contrast to the surrounding area. This modern design also helps the museum get noticed because it stands out and is so different.

The different generations may have different opinions about the architecture and style of the building, but they can both agree that the content inside the building plays a large role in preserving Przemyśl’s past.

Chelsea Sieczkarek

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