Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Political Science Course-Fall 2013

PSC 347: Security Studies

Dr. Tandon will be offering a new course this Fall. 

International security is one of the prominent subfields in International Relations, and has gained further momentum since 9/11. The Security Studies course offers students in-depth study of traditional forms of security including military, strategic, arms and national security. In addition, it offers a broad perspective on defining security by introducing students to human, food and environmental security. Conceptualized and taught as seminar on international security, this course is ideal for beginners in the field who may or may not be familiar with major theoretical paradigms in international relations. This course has a global focus and covers up-to-date coverage on issues such as cyber security. Pending EPC approval, this course fulfills the Critical Thinking and WI (Writing Intensive) Core Competencies. 

Dr. Tandon recently presented two papers at the International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention in San Francisco, California: India's Non-Alignment Strategy: Choice or Constrain? and Rational Design of Security Institutions: Conflict Management Alliances

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