Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pre Law Student Association holds Organization Meeting

Daemen College Pre Law Student Association (PLSA)

Hello Everyone!

Every year the Pre Law Student Association (PLSA) presents its annual Moot Court Experience at the Academic Festival. This year's case is a civil case involving a claim of work-place sexual harassment. 

 We'll be having an organization meeting on 11:30 am on Tuesday, February 11, in the History and Political Science Department (235 Duns Scotus Hall).  Students of all majors are welcome to participate. We'll organize into 2 teams -- plaintiffs and defendants -- with 3 lawyers and 3 witnesses per team. We'll be asking for volunteer jurors as well. This year we'll be coordinating our event with a Academic Festival panel sponsored by the new AAUW Affiliate Student Club (American Association of University Women). 

Please stop by our meeting to learn more about the event and how you can participate. If you are interested in taking part, but can't make the meeting, you may also email the PLSA president, Jordan Sieracki, directly (jordan.sieracki@daemen.edu) or contact Dr. Parshall in the History & Political Science Department for further details (lparshal@daemen.edu).

And please be sure to check out the new Pre Law Student Association Website where you'll find additional information about the Annual Moot Court Experience and Pre Law Studies at Daemen College.


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