Thursday, May 22, 2014

Alumni Updates

Check out what some of our recent graduates are up to these days! 

Sarah (2013, Political Science)
Sarah Rodman (2013, Political Science) is currently a J.D. candidate at the University at Buffalo School of Law.  While at Daemen, Sarah was active in multiple campus activities (including the Pre-Law Student Association and its Annual Moot Court experience) and organized "Raise Your Voice," a musical performance to raise awareness and fight bullying. Sarah also completed an internship with the American Bar Association through the Washington Internship Institute (in 2011) and wrote her senior thesis on the crises of judicial vacancies in the U.S. district courts. Sarah is now a Summer Associate at the Law Offices of William Matar, P.C. in Buffalo, NY. 

Victoria (2011, Political Science) 

Victoria Velazquez (2011, Political Science) is currently a J.D. candidate at the Charlotte School of Law and recently completed an externship at the 6th Circuit's Public Defenders Office. While at Daemen, Victoria served in the Army National Guard and wrote her thesis on the issues facing veterans returning from the Iraq War. 

Wade (2013, Political Science) at the 2013 Academic Festival.

Wade Pietrocarlo (2013, Political Science) is currently a J.D. Candidate at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Wade writes that his experiences at Daemen helped to prepare him for the rigors of law school: 

"My classes in judicial process, criminal law and constitutional law were immensely beneficial in preparing me for law school...having that knowledge base and foundation put me slightly ahead of other 1L law students....Our senior thesis, although unappreciated and dreaded at first, came to be an invaluable learning exercise. As a lawyer...the preponderance of your time is spent writing...Moot Court was also vital for me as I will be on the Baltimore Law Moot Court team. This transition was greatly assisted by my 3 years serving as counsel on Daemen's Mock Trial team."

Wade offers the following advice for those considering law school:

"Become an avid reader and writer. 90% percent of my time is dedicated to reading and briefing cases, and to writing and forming arguments based on my reading and research. Attending law school is essentially a full time job, so do not apply unless you are ready to commit to it entirely. However, I do still have time on the weekends to go out, grab a drink, watch a sports game or hang out with friends." 

Wade's interests are primarily focused on healthcare law and tax law, with working as hospital in-house counsel or in medical risk-management among his possible long-term career goals. While at Daemen, Wade wrote a senior thesis on medical malpractice reform in New York State.

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