Thursday, May 8, 2014


Students, alumni, faculty, and friends of the History & Political Science Department celebrated the end of the 2013-14 academic year with a banquet in Alumni Lounge on Saturday, May 3.

A group of 40 students, alumni, faculty, and guests attended the banquet and heard comments from guest speaker Ms. Darcy Fargo (class of '02). Fargo explained how she had put her education as a History & Government major to work in a career in journalism and public relations.

Think creatively, Fargo urged the students in attendance, about how your skills and knowledge might be applied in a variety of careers. She advised students to consider areas beyond education and law, two leading career choices for students who major in History and Political Science. (You can find Darcy Fargo's guest blog post from earlier this year HERE.)

Guest Speaker Darcy Fargo ('02)

Students and faculty continued to socialize after dinner
In addition to students and faculty from the department, we were honored to have in attendance guest speaker Darcy Fargo (History & Government major, class of '02); Dr. Michael Brogan, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Caroline Buerk (History & Government major, class of '59 and Daemen College Trustee); Patricia Smith (Director of Leadership Giving at Daemen); Raymond Graf (History & Govenrment-Adolescent Education major, class of '03); Justin Johnston (History & Government major, class of '08 & Director of Annual Giving at Daemen); and Eric Behm (History & Government major, class of '11).

Front row (L-R): Jordan Sieracki, Zahra Nayyeri, Carla Hernandez, Caitlin Schuler, & Jessica Mark; Middle Row: Emily Kraft, Caitlyn Ebert, Shervon Weeks, and Jessica Todd; Back Row: Amy Grimes and Nicholas Paveljack

Emily Kraft, Amy Grimes, and Tyler Vanice

Francois Acosta, Dr. Joseph Sankoh, and Arthur Cruz

T is for Thesis: Some of the students in this year's Thesis Research class: Front: Tyler Vanice (History), Middle: Chris Butler (History), Back fro: Jordan Sieracki (History & Political Science), Shevon Weeks (History), and Jessica Todd (History)

Darcy Fargo with classmate Ray Graf

Left to right: Caitlin Schuler, Jessica Mark, Nicholas Paveljack, Zahra Nayyeri, and Carla Hernandez

Jessica Todd, Shevon Weeks, and Caitlyn Ebert

Jordan Sieracki, Emily Kraft, and Jessica Todd

Carla Hernandez, Zahra Nayyeri, Troy Hamlin, Shevon Weeks, Caitlyn Ebert, Jessica Todd

Special thanks to Dr. Angela Diaz and Dr. Aakriti Tandon for planning the banquet.

Photos courtesy of Angela Diaz, Penny Messinger, Zahra Nayyeri, and Aakriti Tandon.

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