Monday, May 5, 2014

Moderating Model UN at the International Institute at Buffalo

High school student participants pose with Daemen students Zahra Nayyeri (far left), Francois Acosta (back row, center, in blue shirt and tie), and Keyla Marte (third from right)

Francois Acosta (political science), Keyla Marte (political science) and Zahra Nayyeri (history), volunteered as committee officers for the high school Model UN Conference held at the University at Buffalo on March 18, 2014. Their involvement grew from Dr. Aakriti Tandon's International Relations class. They describe their experiences below: 


Keyla Marte:

On March 18, 2014, I was able to volunteer and participate in the International Institute at Buffalo Model UN; which involved various Western New York High schools. The experience was truly an amazing. I was assigned to the Political and Economic committee that discussed the Bitcoin regulation and alleviating the financial woes of Less Developed countries. Each country was represented by a local high school. I was able to gain firsthand experience and was impressed with the preparation and time that the high school students put into preparing for this event. Each country was well prepared and thorough with the position they held on topics in discussion. I learned about the friendly amendments and unfriendly amendments. I also learned about the overall challenging process the United Nation faces and uses in order to pass resolutions. It was a pleasure volunteering for such a positive and informational event and I hope to do it again next year!

Students display signs for their countries; Keyla Marte and Zahra Nayyeri are in the front row.

Francois Acosta:

The Model UN at The University at Buffalo was truly a wonderful opportunity to witness a cadre of high school students engage in a stimulating political debate concerning real-time issues around the globe. As rapporteur I was responsible for taking notes, processing and coding documents and amendments. I would have never expected to gain the substantive knowledge of parliamentary proceedings to international security deliberations. In fact, the event has motivated me to follow international policies in areas where there have been both political and social strife, such as the Middle East and Northern Europe.

Zahra Nayyeri and student participants


Zahra Nayyeri:

I am, also, glad that I took the opportunity to be part of the Model UN experience. It was definitely worthwhile and I'm sure I will be attending it again next year. My role in the Model United Nations simulation was vice chairing for the "Economic and Financial" committee. Our committee discussed topics like the use of Bitcoin to important yet controversial topics in Afghanistan. I truly found the entire discussion quite stimulating. At times I had a difficult time balancing between concentrating on the discussions or guiding the actual United Nations simulation. The topics were all very well researched by the students and it was amazing how well they did. It was truly inspiring to see the whole thing come together. My overall experience at the conference was definitely enlightening as far as gaining more insight pertaining to world issues and just seeing how United Nations (in real time) could potentially function. This was my first time experiencing anything related to MUN and I learned a lot. From knowing how to address the chair, making friendly amendments, knowing the difference between moderated and un-moderated caucuses. It was definitely a taxing day, but worth all the time considering how much I was able to take away from the event. With this all being said, I know I will be attending next year’s Model United Nations.

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